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Our Bourbon is PROUDLY produced in small town Minnesota.

The distillery is surrounded by all the ingredients required to make a

Premium Bourbon.



Our distillery is nestled in the Pristine lake countryside

of Northern Minnesota, located in the heart of fresh, locally grown corn fields.

We use Grain from local farmersmilled in TOWN, and distilled in small batches to ensure the highest of quality in every sip.


Even the equipment, used during the distilling process, is made with pride. One of the three 500-Gallon Copper

American Made stills are used in the distilling process, and the Bourbon is slowly aged using Newly Charred 

American White Oak Barrels.

tHE journey

Life is not about the Destination
It's all about the JOURNEY

At Bondi Bourbon, we AGREE!

The Journey that our bourbon takes to make it into YOUR GLASS, makes ALL the Hard Work worth-while.

We KNOW you will Enjoy and Savour Bondi Bourbon 

as much as we do!

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