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Bondi in Australia!!

Bondi Bourbon, Bondi Beach, Savour Hard Work
Bondi Bourbon on Bondi Beach

Not even 1 year into bottling our first batch of 4 year old bourbon...and Bondi Bourbon is already out EXPLORING the world. Last week Bondi Bourbon was spotted ENJOYING the warm waters of a Sydney HOT SPOT, BONDI beach!!

This amazing photo courtesy of Tom Conlan!!

Like proud parents watching their kids grow up, we are happy to see our lil Bondi take some big steps in exploring the globe. As many Bondi Bourbon drinkers know, the name of our Bourbon was inspired by the beautiful waves crashing along the rocks of Bondi Beach. Hence, where the name "Bondi on the Rocks" came from.

So if you LOVE to travel, and Savour Hard Work....make sure to take Bondi Bourbon on tour with you!! Take a picture of yourself ENJOYING Bondi Bourbon a long the way!! You can use #BondiBourbon when sharing, and we will CHEERS you and your travels.

Don't forget to bring sunscreen, and always SAVOUR HARD WORK!! Cheers!! Happy EXPLORING!! #Explore #SeeTheWorld #Bondibourbon

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