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Bourbon is MORE than JUST a DRINK!

Sure...we have all heard a person say..."the world doesn't need another Beer", or, "the world doesn't need another Vodka"...but BOURBON...the world definitely needs....and if needs more GREAT BOURBON.

Bourbon is DIFFERENT. It's UNIQUE. It TAKES TIME. Bondi Bourbon is JUST that! It is about a LIFESTYLE. It's more than just a drink. When you DRINK Bourbon, you get a feeling like the moment is going to slow down...just a bit. You appreciate the company you are with...OR.. if you are on your might appreciate the peacefulness savouring each and every sip.

Maybe it's because Bourbon comes from the Earth in many different ways...from the American White OAK Trees that have grown as LITTLE as 60-80 years or as LONG as 150-200 years on this Earth, used in our charred barrels. OR maybe the CORN that is used to make our Bourbon. Naturally grown Corn fields that grow across Northern Minnesota, HAPPILY savouring the summer sunshine each and every year. EVEN the sleek shaped, fits perfect in your hand, Bondi Bourbon Bottle, made out of SAND that has likely blown around this earth a few times before being made into the bottle that holds our Bourbon.

So ya...maybe the World doesn't need another DRINK...but we all know the world could use a break here and there. The World DESERVES something to ENJOY and SAVOUR all the Hard Work of any given day. Take some time for YOU. Take some time with FRIENDS and FAMILY. Take a MOMENT with BOURBON. The world definitely needs Bourbon. Enjoy Bondi Bourbon Responsibily..and of course Savour it. Cheers from The Bondi Distillery. #savourhardwork #enjoylife #bondibourbon #betterbourbon

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