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SOLD OUT...but bottling MORE!

WELL... you know you have a GREAT BOURBON when you sell out of all your first off... THANK YOU to everyone that has already purchased a bottle of #BondiBourbon ! We are happy to see all of our hard work being savoured by many people around the world.

For all the others waiting to get their hands on our bourbon...DON'T WORRY...we are bottling another 3600+ Bottles this week so keep an eye out for Bondi Bourbon in a store near you or FOLLOW US on Instagram @bondidistillery !!

Bondi Bourbon is proudly offered in the states of Minnesota, Nebraska, Arizona, Texas and the beautiful province of Alberta!! We are LAUNCHING very soon in NEW YORK, MICHIGAN, NEW JERSEY and MARYLAND too!! Interested in learning more about BONDI BOURBON or interested in taking on the brand in your state, province or country? We are easy to get in touch with at !!

Cheers from all of us at The Bondi Distillery. Savor your SUMMER and as always, Savor Hard Work!!

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