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Travelling Bourbon

The adventure continues into 2019...

Bondi Bourbon Savouring the VIEW in PORTUGAL
Bondi Bourbon in the AZORES!

We might be the most travelled bourbon in the world...which is pretty amazing since our FIRST batch was just released in the Fall of 2018!! People LOVE our bourbon SO MUCH that they not only taking it in their Suit Case when they travel...they are taking it on around wherever they visit!!

Bondi Bourbon is about adventure...part of SAVOURING HARD WORK is enjoying the world and exploring all the incredibly amazing views out there. Bondi Bourbon is about People...and nothing brings people together like a great view, and a bottle of Bondi Bourbon.

Bondi Bourbon in Hawaii
Bondi Bourbon in HAWAII USA

Already, fans of Bondi Bourbon have shared photos on multiple continents, and WOW...we look forward to seeing those views some day soon. Some popular spots that our Bourbon has been savoured include: Bondi Beach Australia, Ponta Delgada Azores Portugal, The Northshore of Hawaii in the USA, Laguna Beach California USA, Minneapolis Minnesota, Big White Ski Resort in British Columbia Canada, and even on a plane over the Atlantic Ocean (for privacy reasons we were not able to share that photo lol)

Bondi Bourbon in AUSTRALIA

Thank you so much to all the FANS of BONDI BOURBON (ALL over the WORLD) Your truly inspire us to work hard and create the best bourbon to savour your adventures with.

You can continue to share your adventures with us @TheBondiDistillery #BondiBourbon !! We hope #2019 is full of exploring, adventures, enjoyment and LOTS of HARD WORK (so you can Savour it!). #cheers from all of us at the Bondi Distillery! Make 2019 better than ever!!

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